Listen Up, Gynoticians: Americans Agree on Abortion, and You Should Stay Out of It!

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Most Americans support a woman's right to access abortion safely and without hardship, a new Vox poll finds. What else Americans agree on may surprise you.Continue Reading

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Anti-Women’s Health Politicians in Congress Are Trying to Attack DC Home Rule and Women’s Reproductive Rights

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Sounds like common sense, right? Your boss shouldn’t be able to fire you for using birth control. Continue Reading

Tags: LGBT, Indiana, Ted Cruz, Arkansas, Reproductive Health Non-discrimination Amendment Act, Sexism, Diane Black, Vicky Hartzler, James Lankford, DC Home Rule, Religious Freedom Restoration Act

Cornyn’s Compromise in the Human Trafficking Bill is More Like a CON-promise on Abortion Access

Category: Abortion

Anti-abortion politicians made superficial changes to the abortion restrictions they inserted into a human trafficking bill — and they're calling it a "compromise." We beg to differ. Continue Reading

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Gynotician Alert of the Week: April 17, 2015

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This week: A Florida gynotician’s support of crisis pregnancy centers comes back to bite him; Senate gynoticians continue to attack safe and legal abortion in a human trafficking bill; religious refusal laws in Georgia and elsewhere interfere in women’s health; and more. Continue Reading

Tags: Gynotician, Ohio, Florida, Georgia, Mitch McConnell, Arizona, CPCs, Arkansas, Human-Trafficking, Jeb Bush, HB 135-Ohio, Doug Ducey, Asa Hutchinson

Quiz: How Many Days 'Til Equal Pay?

Category: Feminism, Equal Pay

How many more work days does a woman need to make as much as a man? Take the quiz to find out. Continue Reading

Tags: Latinos, Equal Pay, African Americans

Fighting for Maternal Health and Rights Means Acting on the Helms Amendment

Category: Abortion, Global

Almost 800 women die every day due to complications during pregnancy and childbirth. That is close to 300,000 maternal deaths annually. Continue Reading

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