A Genderqueer Movement Beneath Women’s History

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Celebrating Women’s History Month isn’t just about celebrating women’s history. As a genderqueer poet, student, and activist, I believe it’s time to raise up all the voices that are too often silenced or cast to the sideContinue Reading

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Gloria Steinem Just Turned 81 — And Her Words Still Shake Things Up

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Chances are you know feminist icon Gloria Steinem. What you might not know are Steinem’s more recent, poignant statements about unity across gender lines Continue Reading

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Gynotician Hall of Shame: Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz

Category: Elections

Ted Cruz for President

Ted Cruz just announced that he’s running for president. But he’s a bonafide gynotician who has no business making laws dictating women’s access to health care. Continue Reading

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Happy 5th Anniversary, Obamacare!

Category: Obamacare

5 years ago, Congress enacted the single biggest advance for women’s health in generations: the Affordable Care Act. In those five years, the ACA has brought affordable health care to about 25.5 million Americans. But it didn't happen by magic. Continue Reading

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Why I Had An Abortion At 20 Weeks

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I have experienced an abortion at 20 weeks, and it was one of the most difficult decisions I have ever made but ultimately the right one for my family. Continue Reading

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A Year in Planned Parenthood Generation Action: When Young Leaders Are Demanding Access to Reproductive Health and Making Their Voices Heard

Category: Youth

Early last year, Planned Parenthood embarked on a grand new journey, seeking to create a network of the brightest, bravest, and boldest young activists across the country. The result: Planned Parenthood Generation Action, a movement that empowers young leaders to defend and advance reproductive freedom across 250 college campuses and beyond. Continue Reading

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