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Take the Quiz: Wacky $#!@ Gynoticians Say

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Planned Parenthood Patients in Texas Banned from Breast and Cervical Cancer Services Program


Gynotician Alert of the Week: May 22, 2015

Category: Gynotician

Politician Sabotages Anti-Abortion Bill After Exceptions for Rape and Incest Get Added

Category: Abortion, State Fights, Gynotician

Spotlight on Republican Senators Who Support Women’s Health at Home and Abroad

Category: Global, Republicans

Gynotician Alert of the Week: May 15, 2015

Category: Abortion, State Fights, Gynotician

6 Personal Stories that Reveal How a 20-Week Abortion Ban Would Hurt Women

Category: Abortion, Gynotician

Everything You Need to Know About the 20 Week Abortion Ban The House Is Voting On This Week

Category: Abortion, Congress, Gynotician

Take Action: Congress to Vote on 20 Week Abortion Ban

Category: Abortion, Congress, Gynotician

Victory for Women! Obama Administration Calls on Insurance Companies to Cover Full Range of Birth Control Methods

Category: Birth Control, President Barack Obama

Gynotician Alert of the Week: May 8, 2015

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Birth Control Should Be Copay Free — But Some Insurance Companies Are Twisting the Law

Category: Birth Control, Obamacare

4 Things That Made Us Happy in April: Advancing on Women's Health, Plus a Few Laughs

Category: Elections, Gynotician

Ask Your Doctor, then Your Boss, then his Priest If Birth Control Is Right for You. Amy Schumer Nails It

Category: Birth Control, Video

Some Health Insurance Companies Using Loopholes to Charge for Birth Control (via Jezebel)

Category: Birth Control, Obamacare

Reproductive Issues Shouldn’t Be Partisan Issues

Category: Cecile Richards, Planned Parenthood

Gynotician Alert of the Week: May 1, 2015

Category: Abortion, State Fights, Gynotician

Colorado Gynoticians Squash Wonderfully Successful Teen Pregnancy Program

Category: State Fights, Gynotician

Cecile Richards: We Need A Real Dialogue About Abortion (via TIME)

Category: Abortion, Cecile Richards

GOP Presidential Contenders Trample on Reproductive Freedom at the ‘Faith and Freedom’ Event

Category: Elections, Gynotician

Gynotician Alert Of The Week: April 24, 2015

Category: Gynotician

The Human Trafficking Bill and Its Abortion Restrictions, From a Republican’s Perspective

Category: Abortion

Pastor (hearts) Planned Parenthood

Category: Abortion, Planned Parenthood

Anti-Women’s Health Politicians in Congress Are Trying to Attack DC Home Rule and Women’s Reproductive Rights

Category: Congress, Gynotician

Listen Up, Gynoticians: Americans Agree on Abortion, and You Should Stay Out of It!

Category: Abortion, Gynotician