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Tell Congress: Stop Playing Hyde And Sneak with Women’s Health

Category: Legislation

Why I Had An Abortion At 20 Weeks

Category: Abortion, State Fights

States Move On 20-week Abortion Bans

Category: Abortion, Congress

States Are Introducing a Wave of Abortion Bans, and Guess Who’s Paying for It

Category: Abortion, State Fights

And the Ladies’ Choice Award for Gynotician of the Year Goes to….

Category: Abortion, Obamacare, Congress

Defeat of Albuquerque Abortion Ban Is a Decisive Warning to Congress and Nation

Category: Abortion

It Was the Right Decision for Our Family

Category: Elections

A Deceptive Ballot Measure in Albuquerque

Category: Abortion, State

Gynotician of the Week: Senator Lindsey Graham

Category: Abortion

New Poll Shows Americans Strongly Oppose 20-Week Abortion Bans

Category: Abortion, Congress

Marco Rubio Wants to Make Your Personal Medical Decisions

Category: Abortion, Congress