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Fewer Texas Women Are Getting Their Birth Control and More Are Getting Pregnant Since the State Blocked Them from Care at Planned Parenthood

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Our Pick for the White House: Hillary Clinton

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What’s at Stake for Access to Affordable Birth Control in the 2016 Election?

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2016 Election: Top 6 Issues for Women’s Health Care and Reproductive Rights

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Women Even the Score: New HHS Rule Guarantees Women’s Access to No-Copay Birth Control

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One Year After Hobby Lobby, GOP Candidates Stand By the Devastating Decision

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Infographic: Just the Facts on Title X and Family Planning

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Here’s the Key to Expanding Birth Control Access (Hint: Making It Over-The-Counter Isn’t Enough)

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Act Now to Help Make Birth Control Available Over-the-Counter and Protect Insurance Coverage

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Griswold v. Connecticut — How Far Have We Really Come in Making Birth Control Access a Reality?

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5 Ways Planned Parenthood Has Transformed Birth Control

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Birth Control Became Legal 50 Years Ago — And Here Are Our 5 Favorite Things About It

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4 Things That Made Us Happy in May: Obama and the Courts Lay Down the Law on Birth Control

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Victory for Women! Obama Administration Calls on Insurance Companies to Cover Full Range of Birth Control Methods

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Birth Control Should Be Copay Free — But Some Insurance Companies Are Twisting the Law

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Ask Your Doctor, then Your Boss, then his Priest If Birth Control Is Right for You. Amy Schumer Nails It

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Some Health Insurance Companies Using Loopholes to Charge for Birth Control (via Jezebel)

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Happy 5th Anniversary, Obamacare!

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6 Stories that Show What We Value in the Fight for Women’s Health and Rights

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Four Fun Facts: Why Recent Over-the-Counter Birth Control Proposals are Really Underhanded

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Happy 2-Year Anniversary, Birth Control Benefit! Too Bad Politicians Keep Trying to Break Us Up.

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5 Things Every Woman Should Know About Birth Control Coverage

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How to Talk to Your Boss about Birth Control Coverage — For Real

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Timeline: 100 Years of Birth Control

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‘Hey Boss, Get out of my Bedroom,’ Says New Bill in Senate

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