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Our Favorite Moments from President Obama's Last State of the Union Address

Category: President Barack Obama

Congressional Resolution Condemns Violence Against Reproductive Health Care Providers

Category: Cecile Richards, Congress, Planned Parenthood

Chartz by Chaffetz: How Not to do Data

Category: Congress, Planned Parenthood

Congress Beware: The Majority of Voters in These Four States Support Planned Parenthood

Category: Planned Parenthood

Pro-Women's Health Politicians Call For Investigation Into Anti-Abortion Organization

Category: Congress

A Decade-Long Campaign of Illegal Harassment Against Planned Parenthood

Category: Abortion, Video, Planned Parenthood

It's Time to End Political Restrictions on Abortion Coverage

Category: Abortion, Congress

The GOP Budget Would Completely Eliminate the U.S. Family Planning Program and Cut Almost All Sex Ed Funding — But We’re Up for the Fight

Category: Congress, Title X

Infographic: Just the Facts on Title X and Family Planning

Category: Legislation, Congress, Title X

The global gag rule is back – and could leave millions of vulnerable women at risk

Category: Congress, Global

Here’s the Key to Expanding Birth Control Access (Hint: Making It Over-The-Counter Isn’t Enough)

Category: Birth Control, Congress

Act Now to Help Make Birth Control Available Over-the-Counter and Protect Insurance Coverage

Category: Birth Control, Congress, Planned Parenthood

6 Personal Stories that Reveal How a 20-Week Abortion Ban Would Hurt Women

Category: Abortion, Gynotician

Everything You Need to Know About the 20 Week Abortion Ban The House Is Voting On This Week

Category: Abortion, Congress, Gynotician

Take Action: Congress to Vote on 20 Week Abortion Ban

Category: Abortion, Congress, Gynotician

Vox: What Americans Think of Abortion

Category: Abortion

How the Bill to Ensure Paid Sick Leave Would Help Women and Families

Category: Congress

States Move On 20-week Abortion Bans

Category: Abortion, Congress

Cecile Richards' Remarks at the National Press Club

Category: Abortion, Cecile Richards, Congress

6 Stories that Show What We Value in the Fight for Women’s Health and Rights

Category: State Fights

7 Favorite Moments from the President’s State of the Union

Category: Obamacare, Congress

House Leaders Are About to Pass a Bill that RAISES Taxes and Interferes with Private Insurance All to Restrict Abortion Access

Category: Abortion, Congress

Mike Huckabee, "Uncle Sugar," and "Libido-Controlling" Contraception

Category: Birth Control, Republicans

You’ll Never Guess What House Republicans Are Doing in the New Year (well, you probably will)

Category: Abortion, Congress

New Year’s Resolutions We Would Like to See Politicians Make…

Category: Birth Control, Obamacare, Congress