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The GOP’s $502.4 Billion Dollar Price Tag for Women

Category: Elections, Republicans

Republicans for Planned Parenthood Applauds Senator Mark Kirk

Category: Abortion, Congress, Republicans for Planned Parenthood

Spotlight on Republican Senators Who Support Women’s Health at Home and Abroad

Category: Global, Republicans

Reproductive Issues Shouldn’t Be Partisan Issues

Category: Cecile Richards, Planned Parenthood

Republicans Calling Off a Vote on the 20-Week Abortion Ban Shows a Crack in the GOP’s Anti-Abortion Agenda

Category: Abortion, Congress

Best and Worst of 2014: “Really?!” Moment of the Year

Category: Planned Parenthood, Culture

Self-described “Pro-life” Governor Vetoes 20-week Abortion Ban in West Virginia

Category: Obamacare, State Fights, Medicaid

Mike Huckabee, "Uncle Sugar," and "Libido-Controlling" Contraception

Category: Birth Control, Republicans

What Do You Think Was the Most Offensive Part of Mike Huckabee's Speech Yesterday?

Category: Emergency Contraception, Republicans

Republicans Should Get on Board in Protecting Women's Health

Category: Congress

Is This the End of the Republican Party?

Category: Elections, Republicans

The Real Impact of Restrictions in Oklahoma

Category: Abortion, Republicans

Women’s Health Decisions Shouldn’t Be Political

Category: Republicans

Republicans Speak Out Against Their Own Party on State Attacks on Women’s Health

Category: Abortion, State Fights

Republicans Vote Against Violence Against Women Act, But 33 Support It

Category: Republicans

The Republican Attack on Women: Time for the GOP to Change Positions

Category: Republicans