Next Generation Champions

The Planned Parenthood Action Fund encourages and enables younger, diverse, pro-choice candidates to run for office. We cultivate and educate new champions for our issues, and continue to support these candidates as they advance in their political careers. 

Anti-choice elected officials are working to erode the gains in reproductive health care access and comprehensive sex education that American woman and families have fought to establish. These politicians have promised that their first order of business will be to pass legislation to restrict critical women’s health and family planning services. 

Working together, the next generation of women’s health champions and the Planned Parenthood Action Fund will stop these anti-choice, anti-women efforts.


TeresaBenitezSm.jpgTeresa Benitez-Thompson (D)  ELECTED, the first woman to graduate from college in her family, is the pro-choice representative for Nevada’s Assembly District 27.  She has dedicated much of her work to improving the lives of Nevada’s low-income families, especially by increasing access to affordable reproductive health care.  She and her mother helped to found the Nevada Empowered Women’s Project (NEW Project), a legal nonprofit organization whose mission is to further the rights of women and children living in poverty.  She served on the Board of Directors of Planned Parenthood Mar Monte and has worked extensively as a social worker in Nevada. She will be a great pro-choice legislator. 

lucyfloressm.jpgLucy Flores (D)  ELECTED, is the representative for Assembly District 28 in Nevada. She received her JD from William S. Boyd School of Law and was appointed to the Nevada Commission on Minority Affairs. She has been an active supporter of Planned Parenthood and women’s health. She took part in Planned Parenthood’s Latino Outreach program in southern Nevada and attended grassroots lobby days.  She’s dedicated to women’s freedom to choose and will fight for it in the Nevada Assembly. 

GIRONsm.jpgAngela Giron (D)  ELECTED, is a representative for Colorado Senate District 3 who ran against an extremely anti-choice candidate. She is unequivocally committed to both her faith and her belief in a woman’s right to choose.  She supports comprehensive sex education and even has experience teaching it to girls through her work with Girls, Inc.  Recently, she served as a regional representative for U.S. Senators Ken Salazar and Michael Bennet. She is committed to healthy families and worked for 27 years with the Boys and Girls Club, ultimately becoming its vice president of operations.  She is an eloquent and passionate advocate for women’s reproductive rights and for healthy families.

Amysm.jpgAmy Mercado ran for Florida House District 35. In addition to being a strong advocate for choice, she’s actively involved with her church.  She is the current president of the Orange County Democratic Hispanic Caucus, past interim secretary of the Labor Council for Latin American Advancement’s Central Florida Chapter, and past secretary of the Florida Council of the League of United Latin American Citizens.  She’s a true 100 percent pro-choice champion, and has been a longtime supporter of Planned Parenthood. 

RiosSm.jpgRebecca Rios served in the Arizona state Senate for District 23 since 2004.  During her tenure in the Arizona Senate, she has been a tireless advocate for the women and families of Arizona and has maintained an excellent pro-choice record.  In addition to her work in the state Senate, she is the community relations director for Empowerment, Inc. and has a 20-year history of working with children and families in Arizona’s behavioral health system.

JoCastasm.jpgJoCasta Zamarripa (D)  ELECTED, is the representative for Assembly District 8 in Wisconsin.  The first Latina to be elected to the Wisconsin Legislature, she previously worked as an educator and community outreach coordinator at Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin working with Wisconsin youth. She’s dedicated to defending women’s right to choose and to ensuring that women and families have the reproductive health care they need.  A longtime advocate, she’s worked on campaigns related to winning paid sick days, defeating the ban on same-sex marriage, and turning out the Latino vote for President Obama during the 2008 election.  JoCasta understands choice issues, and she will be a leader and champion.