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Wendy Davis

Run with Wendy

Wendy Davis has dedicated her entire career to giving a voice to those who need one—and standing up for the best interests of Texas women and families. She has led the fight for access to better health care, schools,economic opportunity, and she has stood up for women when it mattered most.  As governor, she will fight to build a better Texas for the women and families who are struggling after years of cuts to their basic health care.

Raised by a single mother, she knows firsthand how hard families have to work to get ahead.  As a teenager, she started working to help support her mother, and has worked to build a better life for her daughters. 

With the right kind of leadership, the great state of Texas will keep its sacred promise that where you start has nothing to do with how far you can go.

- Wendy Davis

In a state that has one of the highest rates of cervical cancer in the country and where one in four women is uninsured, Wendy has led the fight to protect women’s health care access.  When budget cuts slashed the funding for the Women’s Health Program by two-thirds, which provides affordable access to preventive health care (including lifesaving cancer screenings) for low-income women, Wendy objected.  Meanwhile, her opponent Greg Abbott has not only supported policies to cut more than 130,000 women off from the only health care they can get, but he supports draconian policies that could shut down 76 health centers in the state. He’s willing to risk the health of Texan women in order to advance his own ideological agenda.

Wendy has stood up for women and families of Texas consistently. She gained national recognition as a women’s health champion this past June, when a bill that could take away women’s ability to make their own medical decisions was moving forward in the state legislature. A true Texan, Wendy doesn’t back down from a fight, she stood up, literally, for 11 hours, without food, water, or relief, filibustering this extreme and dangerous bill on behalf of the 80% of Texans who did not want it. Meanwhile, her opponent Greg Abbott supports completely ending access to safe and legal abortionand letting politics interfere in the most personal and private medical decisions best left up to a woman, her faith, and her family.

The stakes in Texas have never been higher. As Wendy herself said, “With the right kind of leadership, the great state of Texas will keep its sacred promise that where you start has nothing to do with how far you can go.”

The contrast between Wendy Davis and Greg Abbott couldn’t be clearer—that’s why Planned Parenthood Votes is proud to run with Wendy.

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