Preventing Unsafe Abortion and Maternal Mortality

Unsafe abortion is one of the leading causes of maternal death and illness around the world, yet it is also one of the most preventable. More than 19 million unsafe abortions take place each year, the vast majority in poor countries. Planned Parenthood works to prevent unsafe abortion by increasing access to contraception and making sure that women have access to safe, affordable abortion care when necessary.

We provide funding to partner organizations to deliver family planning, safe abortion, and post-abortion care services within the limits of the law. We help improve the quality of these services by training health care providers, developing medical protocols, and implementing new medical technologies.

With Planned Parenthood's partnership, these organizations are able to serve particularly vulnerable women, such as the young, poor, indigenous, rural, and internally displaced. Many of these organizations work in places that are socially and politically hostile to abortion, and because of social stigma, the staff regularly faces threats and attacks. In some cases, Planned Parenthood is the only source of support enabling providers to offer safe and legal abortion services.