The #WorldWeWant

This year, the international community will set new goals that will drive global health and development funding for the next decade or more. As part of this process, the UN has put out a call to people around the world (that's you!) asking us to define the “World We Want”.

Planned Parenthood has responded to that call loud and clear, with a vision defining the World We Want.

View our vision for the #WorldWeWant below and click here  to tell Secretary Kerry to join us in the fight for the #WorldWeWant.

Together, we can raise our voices in support of women and young people’s sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Our Vision

This is the world we want:

  • A world where access to health care doesn’t depend on your postal code. Or your gender. Or your sexual identity. Or the language you speak. Or the color of your skin.
  • A world where politicians don’t come between a woman and her health care provider.
  • A world where girls are just as likely as boys to stay in school, go after the jobs they want and become leaders in their communities.
  • A world with no new HIV infections and where those living with HIV are able to make decisions about their health and lives, just like anybody else.
  • A world where young people are empowered and trusted with information about sex -- so they can prevent unintended pregnancy and protect themselves from STDs.
  • A world where all people have equal protection and equal benefit under the law.
  • A world that is free of stigma, discrimination, and violence.
  • A world where reproductive rights are recognized as human rights.
  • A world that acknowledges that the only way forward is to protect and expand these rights.
  • A world where all people control their own bodies and their own destinies.

This is the world we want. And this is the world we’ll fight for!

Tell Secretary Kerry to join us
in the fight for The World We Want