Stop the Gynoticians


In just the first three months of 2013, 694 provisions that relate to reproductive health were introduced, nearly half to restrict or limit access to abortion. And that’s not including a number of other measures which could make it harder for women to get birth control, cut women off from cancer screenings, or prohibit sex education programs that help prevent teen pregnancy.

The result? Legislators have passed a wave of restrictions that will significantly impact millions of women.

Decisions about women’s health should be made by a woman, her faith, and her family in consultation with her doctors. Unfortunately, more politicians seem to want to be playing the role of doctor—acting as “Gynoticians.”

These politicians are doing their darndest to insert themselves into the exam room. Meet the Gynoticians who are trying to control women’s health care and tell them enough is enough!  

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Tell these Gynoticians to leave women’s health up to the real experts –women and their doctors. Period.

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